September Birthstone Calddagh

September Birthstone Calddagh


September Birthstone:

Sapphire CZ(Cubic zirconia) , the September birthstone, has been popular since the Middle Ages and, according to folklore, will protect your loved ones from envy and harm.

Medieval clergy wore sapphires to symbolize heaven, while commoners thought the gem attracted heavenly blessings.

History of the Claddagh:

The hands of the ring are shown holding the heart and the hands denote friendship and togetherness, the heart itself signifies love and the crown in the Claddagh ring stands for loyalty. 

The deep and true meaning of the Irish Claddagh rings has also put them into a group of rings referred to as the faith rings.

Product Information:

  • Cubic zirconia stone
  • Made from 100% Sterling Silver
  • Rhodium plated for lasting shine
  • Exclusively designed in Ireland
  • Comes in an attractive gift box


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